Striker SR 200mm TC

Striker SR 200mm TC
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Bittydesign Striker SR 1/10 TC 200mm clear body

This is the Bittydesign "Striker-SR" 200mm EFRA Spec 1/10 Touring Car Body.

Developed with top Italian driver Giorgio de Felicic and top international driver Francesco Tironi, the Striker-SR delivers superior steering response and exceptional downforce in high speed turns for any 200mm touring car.  The high downforce rear wing is easily adjusted to suit a variety of track conditions, while the included window masks, decal sheet and rear wing hardware allow you to finish off the body with a pro-level look.  The body is molded from high quality, 0.75mm thick polycarbonate and is EFRA homologated (2045A). 

* Superior steering response and exceptional downforce

* Adjustable high downforce wing

* Developed with Giorgio de Felicic and Francesco Tironi

* Fits all 200mm touring cars 

* 0.75mm thick crystal clear polycarbonate

* Window Masks and Decals Included

* Protective Film

* EFRA Approved  

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