ORCA Blitreme 2 17.5 ROAR Legal

ORCA Blitreme 2 17.5 ROAR Legal
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2019 New Release !

ORCA BLINKY 2 EXTREME 17.5T Sensored Brushless Motors

The latest Blitreme 2 motors are time-tested, R&D tested, tracks tested to have definite performance and efficiency improvements over ORCA 1st generation BLITREME sensored brushless motors

▶ R/C Application : On-Roads and Off-Roads
▶ Absolutely the best value with each motor already features special tuned performance right out of the box
▶ Optional rotors available for drivers who would like to upgrade their speed, performance and power band
▶ Optional Ceramic Bearings(sold separately)

▶ New design ORCA Stator
▶ Improved Design Low Resistance Collector Ring
▶ Lower resistance than Blitreme 1
▶ Higher Torque and Top End Speed than Blitreme 1
▶ New Light Weight Design Sensor Board
▶ 12.5mm High Torque Tuned Rotor
▶ 0 - 60 Degree Adjustable Timing
▶ Ultra Low Resistance Design
▶ Ultra Low Resistance Soldering Tabs
▶ New Light Weight Design
▶ Lower Resistance Double Collector Rings for stronger bottom-end to mid-range power band
▶ High strength Neodymium Sintered Magnet
▶ High RPM Precision Bearings
▶ New Design CNC Machined Aluminum Heat Sink Motor Can greatly increases the all around air flow volume and dynamics
▶ CNC Machined Aluminum End Bell