M15 190mm TC

M15 190mm TC
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Bittydesign M15 1/10 TC 190mm clear body

The Bittydesign M15 body represents a new reality for drivers all around the globe who are racing at highest level and want to obtain the maximum performance from their model.

The body has been tested and developed for several months in Italy with feedback received from international drivers. The result is a bodyshell with recognisable front and rear end look. Tests done with the new M15 bodyshell showed an incredible NEUTRAL driving feeling for the whole 5 minutes together with fast lap times.

The M15 body gives your car a very easy steering response and at same time a very comfortable rear grip. The stability that this body gives your car makes it ideal for carpet surfaces and low/medium grip tarmac tracks.

Track Rating

This scale provides a guide to the use of the body according to the grip of the surface and its general handling.  The numbers below are meant as a progressive scale where 10 is a hypothetical maximum value.

* Set of plastic big light washers to fix the rear wing perfectly.

* Steel screws /nuts are included in the kit to fix the wing.

* Lightweight 0.75mm thickness high quality polycarbonate body.

* Complete with protective film, window masks and decals sheet

* EFRA, IFMAR, ROAR and BRCA Approved Body