PICCO V1 .21 STAR 3 Port Nitro Engine 'Combo Pack'

PICCO V1 .21 STAR 3 Port Nitro Engine 'Combo Pack'
Please note - Image shows Team Engine
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Picco V1 STAR

Featuring a 3-port cylinder instead of the 5-port seen on the Team and Race versions, the Picco V1 Star offers a smoother power band. This version shares the same built quality of the Team version, and sports a balanced, silicone-filled crankshaft to optimise the charge flow. The unit is completed with the new carburettor with double bottom-end adjustment and a beautifully lightened and laser engraved cooling head.

The Picco EFRA 2133 1/8 Tuned Pipe & Manifold Exhaust Kit is recommended for off road on high grip surfaces and 1/8 GT style racing.  


  • All Picco Exhausts Systems are EFRA homologated and designed to optimize the performance of your Picco made engine
  • Picco strongly recommends original Picco exhaust to get maximum performance from your engine.
  • Made with the finest materials, all Picco Exhausts Systems are 'in-line', where the manifold is connected to muffler with springs.

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