PTRC Diff Cleaner

PTRC Diff Cleaner
120ml bottle PTRC Diff Cleaner
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PTRC Diff Clean dilutes the oil that it is to be removed from the diff. Removing old oil residue helps ensure changes in diff oil viscosity are consistent and accurate. And, being silicone based, PTRC Diff Clean will not contaminate the diff with harsh chemicals that can harm seals.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Open the differential and remove as much oil as possible but leave all the gears inside.
  2. Pour PTRC Diff Clean in the differential and temporarily close the differential.
  3. Agitate the oil by spinning the gears in the differential for several seconds to dilute the diff oil.
  4. Open the differential and pour out the diluted oil - a microfiber towel may be used to clean the differential.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 approximately 3 times  or as required to completely dilute and clean the differential and gears (note 20,000cst plus oils may require additional repeats). If possible, blow compressed air into the differential with all the gears inside. Always exercise caution when using this method and point away from you and / or cover with a cloth.
  6. Remove all the gears from the differential and do a final wipe down.

The result is a differential assembly that is completely clean without the use of any hard solvents!