Sidewinder Strike Team Off Road 30% BLUE, 1Gallon

Sidewinder Strike Team Off Road 30% BLUE, 1Gallon
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Available for Pick up in Nelson and Christchurch, Carton of 4 Available for Nationwide delivery - See Options

Sidewinder Strike Team 30% VII, Model Engine Fuel, Off Road, None Ringed Engine, 1G

Our premium Race Fuel for the serious racer. Strike 30% VII gives you wicked crisp throttle response, mega power delivery, miserly fuel economy and after run protection un-matched by any of our competition.  Try it, you will be impressed!

Every time you fuel your model with a Morgan's Model Engine Fuel, you're treating your engine to the worlds most advanced, high-tech Model Engine Fuel available.  With over 36 years experience producing premium Model Engine Fuels, none of our competitors can state they have more experience.

We use our propriety blend of the highest thermally stable, highest quality, high and low viscosity synthetics combined with the most technically advanced additives to enhance performance in all critical areas.

1.         Extreme pressure additives that keep wear to a minimum, on all engine components. Engines run cooler and produce more power for longer. This assists with smoothstable idle, clean strong transition through to peak power.

2.         Anti foaming agent prevents foaming in the tank for consistent performance throughout the entire tank and for easier faster filling. This has not been matched by any of our competitors.  Shake up their bottle and see if what they advertise is really true….we dare you!

3.         Anti corrosion protection. No after run oil needed!....yes, if you run your engine dry at the end of the day and store it a warm dry place your engine will remain in excellent working order, until next time you take it for a spin.

4. Clean burning.  CoolPower is the cleanest burning model engine fuel available. Our competitors have been trying to copy this for years, but only CoolPower’s unique blend synthetic lubricant cleans while it lubricates.

5.         Nitromethane. We use only Dow Chemical's Nitromethane, we then select only the highest purity from their inventory, no compromises here.

Quality assured with every bottle;

We use only dedicated bulk tank trucks for inventory delivery, eliminating any risk of contamination. Computer testing and blending ensure consistency with every batch, time after time.  All of our fuels are filtered to 1 micron, this is 10 times greater than others advertise.

Our dedicated customers have won more championships in New Zealand and worldwide using our fuel than any other competitor, so, isn't it time you treated your engine to CoolPower from Morgans Fuels?