Type 6C F1

Type 6C F1
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Bittydesign TYPE-6C 1/10 F1 clear body

During the development of the TYPE-6C we focused on both aesthetics and performance . The result is a body shell with modern forms well-balanced and realistic - the flat under body not only generates down force, it gives a genuine look to the shell and provides an excellent overall balance. The rear end has also been designed to keep it as low and lean as possible over the engine with optimum position to ensure great aerodynamic air flow to rear.

In the package we have included -

• High quality and genuine lightweight .75mm polycarbonate Lexan® Type-6C F1 body
• White helmet with fixing screws
• Pre cut decal sheet
• Protective film

Preparing the Body

1. Open the package and cut the body paying particular attention to the area of the front arms which vary from model to model, you will have to shape the lexan according to your requirements
2. Wash the body and rinse well
3. Spray the body in your choice of colour
4. Remove the protective film from the outside of the body shell
5. Place the various sections of the decal sheet as shown in the pics below
6. Fix the helmet using the screws provided and apply the included visor and graphics
7. Your Type-6C body is ready to hit the track!

Create a cool look with these instructions that show you how to use the decals that come standard with the kit...

or create your masterpiece with the use of custom paint and decals like the next two vids...