VP Pro 4 Shoe Clutch set 34mm

VP Pro 4 Shoe Clutch set 34mm
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Steel 13T Clutch Bell(match bearing 5*10*4)

Aluminium Flywheel (diameter-34)

Aluminium Clutch ShoesSteel Flywheel nutBearing 5*10*4

RS-620,It is easy to assembly, and can adjust the hardness according to oneself’s hobby. It’s designed to make the engine power output more linear and smoother.The best traction, vehicle drive abilty and low fuel consumption are guaranteed.

The clutch set includes a Steel Clutch Bell, Aluminium Flywheel, Aluminium Clutch Shoes, Steel Flywheel nut ,3 kinds of springs and other associated parts. You can choose the Steel Clutch Bell teeth number from 13T to 17T . They are made of superior metal to ensure its quality .