XB2D 21 2WD Dirt 1/10 Buggy

XB2D 21 2WD Dirt 1/10 Buggy
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All-new 2021:

Improved steering system geometry makes the car more predictable, easier to drive and faster in high speed corners
New steering parts include new steering arms, new Ackermann plate, new servo link, and a new offset servo horn
Now includes 3-slot graphite steering block extension for improved steering in slower corners and more corner speed in high speed sections (Carpet edition only)
New front and rear shock towers with denser upper shock mounting positions for ultrafine set-up adjustments
Longer front shock shafts and shock bodies to maintain proper down travel with the new shock tower. The configuration is now unified for both Carpet and Dirt editions for all track conditions
New front roll center holder with a wider mounting position to reduce diving effect in high speed corners and integrated anti-roll bar mount
All-new Gamma 2C body and Tec wing in the XB2C’21 for improved rotation in corners and better stability at high speeds
All-new Gamma 2D body and Rank wing in the XB2D’21 for maximized overall grip and rear stability
Includes stiffer IFMAR legal wheels for all track surfaces and temperatures
Fully Adaptive Steering System.

The XB2 steering system was redesigned for both high traction and low traction conditions. The Fully Adaptive Steering System has many new parts including the steering arms, steering plate, servo horns, steering linkage, and pivot balls. The same components are included in both Carpet & Dirt Editions but allow different build configurations to alter the geometry depending on the track’s conditions. Smart & easy.

Fully Adaptive Steering System.

The Fully Adaptive Steering System allows easy changes to the steering assembly that transform the geometry and alter the handling characteristics of the XB2. No extra parts are required as all parts are in the kit.
Configuration for low traction conditions:
Steering plate oriented frontwards
Linkage installed rearwards
​Servo link mounted on steering plate

With this configuration the outside wheel turns less which provides less steering and makes the car easier to drive.
Configuration for high traction conditions:
Steering plate oriented rearwards
Linkage installed frontwards
Servo link mounted on left steering arm
With this configuration the outside wheel turns more which increases more steering and makes the car more aggressive.

Steering Blocks.

The Carpet Edition now features the new 3 slots steering block extensions better suited for high traction conditions. These extensions allow the wheels to turn more and provide more steering in corners. The overall travel was increased so the car has more steering in tight corners.
The Dirt Edition includes the 2 slots steering block extensions more suitable for lower traction conditions.
The composite blocks are molded from a special composite mixture for maximum strength.

Front Roll Center Holder.

The wider front roll center holder was updated with an additional outer position that is especially suited for high speed tracks where less front end dive is required.
The design of the roll center holder was also updated for mounting the optional front anti-roll bar directly on the holder.
The front roll center holder is universal for both Carpet and Dirt Editions.

Anti-Roll Bars.

In specific track conditions when the front or rear of the car need more stabilization, an optional anti-roll bar (#322400 or #323400) can be easily installed. The anti-roll bar is mounted to the front/rear roll center holder and can be adjusted via the included linkages.
Anti-roll bar wires of different thicknesses are available for fine-tuning with the wire thickness laser-engraved on each bar for easy identification.

Shock Towers.

New front and rear shock towers feature denser upper shock mount positions for precise set-up adjustments.
The front shock tower features a wing mount provision and the rear tower features three different wing mounting positions for added adjustment.
Front & rear shock towers are machined from premium-grade graphite that is lightweight & strong, with multiple shock and roll center adjustment positions.
The shock towers are universal for both Dirt and Carpet edition.


The front shock absorber bodies and shock shafts are longer by 2mm to maintain the correct down travel with the new tower. Combined with the new shock towers and suspension geometry, these changes increase steering and improve jump landing.
The big-bore shocks are membrane free, but still allow for easy, consistent building and rebound control using the bleed-screw shock cap design.
The aluminum body and lower cap are all machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum.
The shock shafts are machined from special steel material, precision hand-ground for maximum smooth operation, and additionally hardened for an increased lifespan.

High Traction Body.

The XB2C’21 and XB2D’21 each feature a new XRAY Gamma body specifically designed with super-smooth airflow and revised downforce characteristics fine-tuned for their intended conditions.
The carpet version of the all-new body, the Gamma 2C, is designed especially for high traction conditions and improves the stability in fast corners, chicanes and helps with rotation in tight corners.
The Gamma Carpet body is also available in lightweight version

Low Traction Body.

The dirt version of the new XB2 body, the Gamma 2D, is designed for low traction conditions. The new profile improves the stability and increases downforce towards the rear of the vehicle to help generate more traction for the car.
The Gamma 2D body is also available in lightweight version.


The Carpet and Dirt Editions of the XB2 each feature a different wing paired to work with their particular body. Made from strong Lexan™ material, the wing is supported on the wing mounts by extended flat shims to better support and extend the life of the wing.
Various wing designs in different thickness are available separately to alter downforce and handling. The thicker wing gives higher traction and stability but gives reduced steering.


The included wheels are IFMAR standardized with the new wheel hex offset. The wheels feature a redesigned countersunk center area to allow the wheel nut to sit deeper in the wheel.
The wheels are perfect for high-competition racing. They feature internal reinforcement ribs to provide stability and resist deformation, yet they are made from a flexible material to provide durability and withstand impacts.
The side of the wheel is aerodynamic for maximum performance. The wheels were designed to provide maximum traction.
The wheels feature a 12mm internal hex.

Needed to Complete:
Electronic Speed Control
Radio System
48 Pitch Pinion Gear

NOTE: Completed kit shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. The model you will receive is a kit that requires assembly and accessories. See needed to complete list below for a full list of items required to complete the model.