Tekin Lipo Battery Charging Sack

Tekin Lipo Battery Charging Sack
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This is the Tekin "LiPo Safe" Li-Poly Battery Charging Sack. Constructed from flame resistant fiberglass, the Tekin LiPo Safe is a must have accessory and safety device in your pit setup. Charging and storing LiPo cells should be done in a flame resistant enclosure at all times. The Tekin LiPo Safe will store two 2S LiPos or one 4S, 5S or 6S LiPo.

160x70x70mm (6.3x2.7x2.7 in)
Capacity: Either (2) 2S, (1) 4S, (1) 5S, or (1) 6S LiPo