Zefirus 1/8 Buggy & Truggy lexan wing set Clear

Zefirus 1/8 Buggy & Truggy lexan wing set Clear
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The Zefirus wing represent a new reality for drivers all around the world who race at top levels and always pretend to obtain the best result with their models.

This lexan wing is the final result of many months of development, prototyping and track test in collaboration with the most talented Italian drivers and also international formers.

CAD Design

The wing has been designed and developed starting from zero, thanks to our racing experience we included in a single product several solutions that allow to change different configurations of downforce and aesthetic. CAD design ensures maximum quality and unique details

The driver can tune the downforce with different possibilities, simply installing an additional wickerbill / gurney flap (to cut long or short) as well as side bulkheads that help clean the air vortices that are created behind the wing. Both of these additional elements may not even be installed, in this case the wing will generate less dowforce but will by extremely lightweight.

layout styles

Pros of the wing

The modern design makes it instantly recognizable, the lightness is the main point of force of this wing respect the std. plastic ones that weighing almost twice, together also with a really consistent downforce make the Zefirus a new benchmark for racers that always want the best.

The lower mass suspended make the car faster in the small and low speed corners and at same time very stable in the high speed sections.

Product Features

The wing is universal and it fit all the 1/8 buggy and truggy on the market; 100% Made in Italy.

  • Made with genuine Lexan® polycarbonate
  • Included in the kit a completo set of screws/nuts and washers to fix properly the side bulkheads and the gurney flap together with a dedicated and precut decal sheet
  • Thermoformed with material 1,5mm thickness
  • sold clear with protective film outside
  • sold NOT pre-cut
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