THE JQRacing 86mm Centre Dogbone (Black)

THE JQRacing 86mm Centre Dogbone (Black)
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This is an optional JQ Products 86mm Center Dogbone Driveshaft, and is intended for use with JQ Products THE Car. This driveshaft is required to run the 'weight forward' setup, with the engine and center differential in the forward-position.

Front to back weight balance dramatically affects a cars handling characteristics. A car with a forward weight bias will jump really well and will steer well at low speed, but has a tendency to push on power and at high speed. A car with a rear weight bias will have more steering on power and at high speed, but not jump as well and will have less steering at low speed. Additionally, with a rear weight bias the car will feel more stable and easier to control due to the increased rear traction. 

Because weight bias plays such an important roll in a cars handling, THE Car is designed so the center diff-mount, and engine can be moved forwards or backwards 8mm. The advantage of having this unique adjustment available, is that you can set up THE Car to perfectly suit any track condition! When the track has big jumps, hairpin turns, and technical sections you can move the weight forward. When the track is fast, with sweeping corners, and a rough, bumpy surface you can move the weight back. This has been proven to drastically alter lap times and provides an almost unfair advantage!