Plaig OS Bearing Kit Ceramic/Steel

Plaig OS Bearing Kit Ceramic/Steel
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.21 Engine Bearing Kit. This is a rear bearing sized 14×25.4x6mm and front bearing size 7x19x6mm. 

MX Series Ceramic Bearings are a new design of engine bearing with an Offset Internal Track for greater load capabilities, a stronger, thicker PA46 Retainer for greater resistance to high nitro content fuel. Grade 5 Ceramic Balls for closer tolerance and longer life.Ceramic balls are lighter for less centrifugal force allowing Engines to spin at a higher RPM and to accelerate faster.

Plaig Bearings are a stronger, more reliable bearing with greater heat resistance and superior life to the standard factory bearings. We stock all other sizes of bearings for RC Cars and also sell Complete Bearing Kits for many popular brands of vehicles