Serpent SRX8 Truggy GP 1/8 4wd kit

Serpent SRX8 Truggy GP 1/8 4wd kit
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Serpent SRX8 Truggy GP 1/8 4wd The wait is over……After over 8 years, Serpent has answered the call of the wild, and is proud to introduce the all new SRX8-T. Transforming the already successful SRX8 platform into a Truck was not just expected, but a necessity. With countless years of learning our original S811T platform, we embarked on a mission to create a vehicle that would raise the bar of expectation in the truggy category. Considering all key factors: performance, reliability, durability, ease of assembly as well as maintenance, coupled with all new suspension geometry we feel this new truggy is poised for success. Using all of our high quality metals, plastics and rubber, we spared zero when it came to building the best product we could. During testing the truck was nothing short of exceptional, jumping was improved, traction improved, balance improved, durability improved, this is simply the best truggy we have ever produced. Without Further a due, let’s get started with all the new features of the SRX8-T

The SRX8-T has an all new Chassis and side pods. In the spirit of creating the best truggy we could, we wanted an all new shape for optimal flex, clearance and sides that reduce dirt and debris inside the body. Sometimes, you simply need new when old carry over parts can’t cut it. The chassis is 7075-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum, the chassis is 3mm thick and has bent edges to increase strength in the center of the chassis to prevent bending. The chassis has a tapered angle shape and increased width to improve stability as well as drivability.

Carrying over greatness is the mantra. The SRX8-T has the tried and true Fixed Engine/Gear Mesh found exclusively on the SRX line of vehicles. The solid mounting of the engine and diff, is absolutely fool proof, you can still adjust the gear ratio without the need to fiddle around with engines position. With the choice of 13 and 14 tooth clutch bells, as well as 46, 47, and 48 tooth spur gears gives you the maximum adjustability for every condition.

On our previous S811-T we used an internal ratio of 10/43, and then had to use a clutch bell with 13 teeth and a spur gear that was 50 teeth. In an effort to maximize carry over parts from the entire SRX line of cars, we completely re-configured the internal ratio. We determined a new pinion and diff gear were needed. We chose a 10t pinion with a 46t spur gear. By using this ratio, it allowed us to carry over all clutch bells and spur gear options, while having the perfect final drive ratio. The end result was a faster accelerating truck, while reducing rotating mass. All of these choices then lead to less strain on the clutch and even more acceleration than expected. In addition to a better performing clutch, it also decreased engine temperatures, ultimately resulting in longer run times.

These new differentials were a topic of concern for racers of the SRX-8. The reliability and performance of the original differentials were actually pretty good. The market though has other plans for what a high quality race car must have. One of those must haves are high volume large internal gear diffs. We manned up here, and went back to the drawing board and completely re-tooled our differential approach.

The internal gears are a staggering Mod 1.25 which puts them at the largest in the market place. With a maximum engagement surface on the tooth for earth shattering oil shearing, coupled with larger volume housing, these differentials reduce any fading or loss of performance.

The internal ratio is industry 10/20. Make no excuses now boys, these babies will deliver the performance when you need it most.

Tried and True, for almost 10 years now, the Serpent Brand has been using the same 4 shoe clutch. Call it what you want, but it has been extremely reliable and tune-able. With many choices from Yellow and black carbon shoes, as well as 7075-T6 and 6061 aluminum clutch shoes, the tune-ability is endless. Couple the material of shoes, with a variety of spring choices and there is the perfect clutch setting for every engine. Whether you race on a local, regional, national or international level, this clutch will get you into the winners circle

16mm threaded shocks with x ring seals. These shocks have been refined and perfected. The shock action is almost friction free, seal pack is 2nd to no other and the seals are like that everlasting candy people dream of.

They have extremely tough 3.5mm shock shafts and the piston is fixed by a nut for maximum reliability. The threaded bodies and collars make it super easy to get the ride height regardless of spring rate. The shock can be set up in a variety of ways depending on your configuration.

The kit includes our “Pro “cap which gives you maximum versatility and value so you can use them as emulsion or bladder shocks all in one cap. The cap and shock bodies are both Hard anodized to extend the life of the shock as well as improve the shock action.

. Included in the kit are machined Delrin 6 hole pistons for ultra smooth shock action.

All new super durable suspension arms. They are longer, stronger and more adjustable than the S811-T ever dreamed. The front and rear suspension arms have been beefed up to the max. Why…because we love to finish every race we start.

The front and rear suspension arms, both feature arm plates that can be added, removed or swapped out for Carbon fiber. This feature can be used for a host of reasons, which can include looks and or performance.

Depending on your grip level and track surface, you can adjust the stiffness of the SRX8-T’s arms. Generally stiffer arms have a more linear feel but can reduce grip. This happens by forcing the shock to do more work. A softer arm can increase grip by reducing the shocks importance, but can also give the car a less direct feeling. All of these adjustments can have a huge impact on your lap time and results.

On our first S811 we introduced the world of off-road to Ball bearing raced sway bars. Now becoming more fashionable by other brands, we love to innovate and advance the hobby. Both the front and rear suspension of the SRX8-T will have been given this advancement in design. The sway bar will be securely fastened with collars and the left and right play can be adjusted. You can be rest assured there is no un-necessary friction and your roll bar is operating properly when driving your race car.

In addition to the ball raced roll bars. The arms have a captured pivot-ball for the sway bar. This design allows you to adjust the play of the ball as well as make sure you have no binding in any direction when your suspension operates. The plastic nut, keeps the ball retained into position. You can replace the plastic cap with an aluminum optional version if you like a more secure nut.

When we increased the length of the front and rear arms, and based off testing of the S811t, we simply needed more support. The solution was to re-position the sway bars leverage on the suspension arm. The net result is the ability to run much softer wire diameters, and still achieve the same roll stiffness. The net result is a more linear lean in the suspension, which translated into more grip, and faster corner speed.

The sway bars can be purchased in a variety diameters ranging from 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6mm for the front and rear.

Building a reliable and long lasting race car starts at some of the most fundamental levels. The outer driveshaft’s joints are exposed to some of the harshest conditions, you can imagine.

With those being dirt, heat, rocks, and friction, the only way to keep them well lubricated and maintenance free is a securely fastened boot, where you can safely place grease. The SRX8 has a simple to assemble and high tech rubber boot to complete the task, with ease.

The life of the driveshaft is increased over 50% by being sealed, and keeps your models performance consistent no matter the conditions all the while reducing the need for replacement parts.

With longer life as well as Load distribution, we increased the outer driveshaft ball diameter from 9mm to 10mm. We also increased the inner diameter of the axle, and also increased the length of the coupler.

This additional 1mm increased the life of the pin as well as the binding when under heavy load. Although these things seem small in nature, they pay huge dividends in the life and performance of your SRX8-T.

The roll and lean of the suspension became more consistent, joint temperatures were lower, which enhanced our ability to ask for more from the setup of the truck. Lower maintenance costs, as well as better performing CVA’s, are just some small details you can expect to find on the all new SRX8-T

When you designing a new truck, fit for a king, no stone could be left unturned. It was decided the tank had to also be updated. With the engines producing more power, we opted to take the already reliable and proven SRX8 tank, and increase the capacity. After testing, the tank was able to sustain high PSI ratings, before leaking out. This is a huge thing while on the track, whether you are in a massive crash or need secure and stable pressures, to ensure your engines tune. Aside from the advancements in the tanks pressurization, we also designed an all new truggy tank Pull, with nicely shaped finger loop.

The tank also incorporates the floating clunk to make sure you do not run out of fuel in the event you are trapped on your lid for extended amounts of time, while the turn marshal is on a union break. To top off the tank, it also has a nicely sized slug you can use to decrease the capacity or adjust it, to fit the requirements of any racing organizations rules.

When it comes to racing in the mud and/or wet conditions, keeping the mud from building up on the rear arms can be a problem. Included in the kit is a pair of light weight polycarbonate mud guards. With the intent of keeping the mud and dirt from caking up on your car, which can weigh it down and reduce performance, these babies will answer that call. You can keep them clear, or paint them to match your stylish paint scheme. If they are not for you, of course you can run your car without them too, it’s up to you to decide when and how you will use them.

No matter what model of SRX8 or SRX8-T you have purchased, all models have been given upgrades in durability at the shock tower locations. With reliability as a top goal in mind and the fact we want each and every racer to finish ever race they start, aluminum shock towers are up to that task. We use the highest grade 7075-T6 aluminum money can buy, to ensure they are a no compromise when it comes to strength and reliability. The towers are a staggering 5mm thick, stylishly machined and then anodized to give them an even more durable finish. Carbon fibre shock towers are also available as optional if that suites your fancy

When racing the truggy class, steering is of the utmost importance. Without it, you will be pushing your brains out all over the race track. In our extensive testing, it was determined; that the 0 degree steering spindle coupled with a 15 degree caster block was absolutely perfect. With enough steering on tap to rip any corner, while balancing that with the correct amount of rear grip, the SRX8-T is a corner shredding machine.

The steering blocks and caster blocks are made from super high strength 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. The parts were anodized black, and re-machined to have a stylish shiny silver edge. The looks match performance here ladies and gentlemen. Additional Caster blocks are available in 13, 17, 19 degrees, if the need for more or less steering is demanded.

In order to increase the life of the Steering spindle and Rear upright bearings, we lengthened the axles, and spread the distance between bearing faces out.

This enhancement not only improves bearing life, it also reduces play, and gives you more stable camber settings on a vehicle with massive tires like a truggy.

Expect more consistent cornering, and improved tire wear.

The Front steering spindle, made from 7075-T6 is black anodized with silver machined edges, beyond sexy.

The steering spindle also accepts 5 different Ackermann plates. 0,1,2,3,4. Generally 0 is the easiest steering while 4 is more aggressive. You can fine tune your SRX8-T’s steering to fit your driving needs. All plates can be easily identified by the notch marks in the side of the plate.

With the tracks reaching higher traction levels and higher speeds, the demands of more grip and stability are in hot commodity. Aerodynamics is nothing short of a way to enhance your models performance. We took our super tough and durable original wing mount design and made it taller. With an additional 15mm of height, this mount puts your wing up into “fresh “air providing even more down force as well as Lateral stability.

With the additional aerodynamic gains your wing is now capable of producing you can pull the throttle harder and approach turns with even more confidence. Don’t be afraid to push it with this bad boy mounted on your new SRX8-T…….

As a recent upgrade in all of Serpent’s Racing kits, the SRX8-T kit is loaded with NSK Ball Bearings. The Japanese bearings are super high quality and prolong the life of your model race car. Lower friction, increased efficiency, reduced time between replacements, these NSK bearings are no joke, and we hope you enjoy the added value in your kit. You can find the NSK bearings, at the wheels hubs, steering spindles, throughout the drive train and steering.

Whether you are buying a Serpent product for the first time, or this SRX8-T is addition to your arsenal. We had to carry over this sleek, stylish radio box from the SRX8 line of cars. Not only is this streamlined looking radio boxes one of the best in the business, it makes installation a breeze. The main body of the radio box, is a single piece of high quality nylon, with two covers, that can accept personalized vinyl decals. The orientation of the throttle servo makes Brake bias adjustments on the fly, which was a real short coming in the previous S811-T. Whether you want to use a switch, or not as well as an older AMB or newer AMB transponder, this box, covers all the bases.