ZipKits R4 4S Electric Rigger

ZipKits R4 4S Electric Rigger
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New R4 Fast Electric Outrigger Kit (4S)

Completely new design for 4S power.

This boat was designed around a 4S pack and 3656 motor.
This is the most competitive hulls out there.

The new sponson design by Tom David has tested very well.
So well, that we are converting all of our new and existing outriggers to this state of the art design!

All of our outriggers were originally designed by IMPBA Hall Of Fame member Rod Geraghty. Rod is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on with the entire "R" series.

This hull is the current state of the art for riggers, 
Designed for very low hydrodynamic drag with water shearing and anti capillary features, this hull is fast, and turns are incredible!

 We have reduced the amount of required sanding by 90%, so this kit builds very quickly.
In fact, even if you have no building experience at all, this is an easy kit to build.
Couple the easy building with it's record setting performance, and you have a true winner!

This is considered a full kit, as it includes carbon boom tubes, aluminum boom tube sleeves, boom tube collars, cowling and Pre-Sharpened aluminum turn fin with mounting hardware.

This kit is highly pre-fabricated, and assembly is easy, thanks to the 38 page photo illustrated, step by step assembly manual.


Designed for 4S operation and 5000 mah.

Maximum motor size is 3660 (bigger with cowl mods)

 R4 Specifications:
Length- 30 inches
Beam- 20 inches