1/10 Electric Buggy Wing

1/10 Electric Buggy Wing
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1/10 electric buggy Wing 6.5" - clear 1.0 MM, No. : WN-004.Made from lightweight polycarbonate .It is a lightweight design wing with high performance, high durability and unique appearance style. 6.5" size design is fully in line with world competition regulations and the use of amateur players.By using the theory of aerodynamics, reduce wind resistance coefficient corresponding, can make the car close to the track, so as to improve the stability of driving, and can get faster and more stable steering speed, reduce the roll center of gravity.At the same time, unique cutting design reduces the drag of high speed.

Unparalleled performance, style, and durability
High speed driving stability is improved
You can get a faster steering speed when you turn
Made from lightweight polycarbonate materials