Caravaggio gravity-feed airbrush dual-action

Caravaggio gravity-feed airbrush dual-action
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'Caravaggio' Gravity-feed airbrush Dual-action

This model of airbrush features an innovative "hybrid" nozzle that is made with thread-less design for easy remove and maintenance; the needle cone has been optimized, following our guidelines, with a better shape that improve the paint flow. Tested for 2 years the 'Caravaggio' airbrush is used everyday for our productions, excellent handling make it a "must have" for all the painters who love to express their art with Premium quality equipment. 

  • Gravity-feed airbrushes perform well at lower air pressures, which help create greater detail
  • A 0.4mm nozzle and 0.5mm needle combination for a good compromise between finer detail spraying and medium-sized spray patterns
  • Solvent resistant O-Ring
  • "Dual action" lever with which you can separately control the air and color flow, pressing it adjusts the air supply while pulling it back controls the amount of color
  • The Caravaggio's innovative precision design is enjoyed by detail-oriented crafters, artists, and hobbyists, from beginners to pro

Nozzle std. supplied with the kit: 0.4mm / Air Pressure range: 15~50PSI (1~3,5 bar) / Capacity of fix cup: 9cc