ORCA Program Card - R32

ORCA Program Card - R32
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ORCA OPC332PB Program card for R32

 hanks to ongoing R&D, ORCA introduces a new ESC Program incorporating the convenience and flexibility of user's own Micro SD card(not included), the newest and smallest flash memory secure digital card.

This new ORCA ESC program is designed to be used with ORCA's latest R32 Electronic Speed Control("ESC") for programming your customized setups and parameters. With Micro SD technology, it is literally unlimited in storage. With use of Micro SD, download of ORCA's TEAM Drivers setups is greatly facilitated so user can "Drive like a Pro".
Firmware update becomes a breeze now eliminating any computer compatibility previously experienced in last version of Program Card (OPC111VS). Presence of USB Port option allows user to connect the programmer to the computer to download software to the Micro SD card.
The new ORCA Program Card comes with a 200mm programming cable. The LCD display is 2-line dot matrix with blue backlit.