VP Pro Aluminium Clutch Shoes - Hard

VP Pro Aluminium Clutch Shoes - Hard
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VP Pro has announced the release of two new items adding to their range of products. They are the Evo versions of RS-502 clutch shoe and RS-502H heavier clutch shoe. Made with new aluminum alloy, the clutch shoes are more durable and weight of single clutch shoe is re-adjusted. This tiny washer coming with the clutch shoes is the most outstanding feature. It is a unique design by VP Pro team. After long-term tests and research, we found if we insert a tiny round washer between clutch shoe and flywheel, friction is largely reduced and thus engine spools quicker. This could be a great news for drivers. One set of clutch shoes includes 3 clutch shoes, 3 washers and 3 sets of springs - 0.9mm gold, 1.0mm silver and 1.1mm black.