Walbro WT-257 Carburetor

Walbro WT-257 Carburetor
Walbro WT-257 Carburetor
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Walbro WT-257 high-performance butterfly carburetor. 2 jets (independent high and low), 15.88mm bore, 12.7mm venturi. Internally metered for higher fuel flow than the WT-603 / WT-668 / WT-643/4/5. Features single fuel fitting (no primer bulb and no return fitting).

 Fits Zenoah G230RC / G260RC / G231PUH / G260PUH / G260PU / G231PUM / G260PUM engines. Also fits Zenoah G23LH / G2D / G43L. Also fits Chung Yang CY23RC / CY26RC / CY27RC / CY29RC / GP290 engines.
For R/C: This carburetor is an EXCELLENT upgrade for many RC airplane, helicopter, car/buggy, and marine applications. Works well on most Zenoah engines and clones. Substantially outperforms the stock WT-644 carburetor on Zenoah G231PUM / G260PUM engines.